A partnership with Next Capital is more than a contractual relationship. A collaboration with us creates a beneficial context and a positive feedback loop for growing businesses.

Factoring is a simple product, whose final result is represented by the invoice financing operation. This process includes the factoring company (“Factor”), a product or service supplier (“Adherent”) and the customers of the Adherent (“Account Debtors”).

The advantage of factoring services used to cash invoices from a single source offers financial benefits not only you but also gives comfort to the Adherent.

Benefits of factoring:

Factoring is suitable for SMEs that:

The factoring operation consists of 6 steps:

“The collaboration with Next Capital is evolving under very professional conditions. Easy access to capital when the company urgently needed money was a real help and a stress relief. Moreover, it helps with a better cash-flow planning.”

Cristina N.


“Next Capital represents the mouthful of oxygen needed to continue the business. Financing is currently an indispensable business need. Next Capital staff is focused on the needs of the client, objective and prompt.”

Ionel C.